Cooking with Zahra is to encourage you to enter the kitchen and not be intimidated it. Food, eating and cooking is a medium to nourish us on many levels, including the obvious nutritional value and additionally the social and therapeutic value.

I invite you to join me on my culinary journey of traditional and modern interpretations of Middle Eastern cuisine. Whether at home or while traveling around the world, I am always on the look out to find new ingredients, create new recipes and discover new and unique kitchen gadgets!

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In addition to bringing my readers on a culinary journey of modern and traditional Middle Eastern recipes, I love working with brands that allow me to create delicious, fun, easy and healthy recipes that my audience can salivate over.

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Here are some of the ways we can collaborate. If you have any other ideas you would like to pitch, I would like to hear about them.

  • Brand Ambassador
  • Recipe Development
  • Editorial content
  • Food Styling
  • Product Review
  • Restaurant Review
  • Cooking Sessions
  • Sponsored, Travel, Events & Brand Promotion

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Hi, I'm Zahra!
Food Blogger | Brand Ambassador | Recipe Developer
I am half Iranian/half Sudanese, I was born in London, my husband is Jordanian, I have three gorgeous boys and currently live in Dubai. I love good food, I love family, I love to travel and I love life.

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