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Fried Eggs with Bam Dates

Fried eggs with bam dates is a simple and delicious recipe that holds a special place in my heart.  Every time I make this dish, it takes me back to my childhood and the fond memories of my grandmother making it. Her hands would move gracefully, melting the butter in the pan, frying the bam dates, and cracking the eggs precisely until they were perfectly cooked.

What makes this recipe special is the combination of the rich, creamy yolk of the fried egg and the soft texture of the sweet dates. It’s a match made in heaven! And the best part is that it’s incredibly easy to make, requiring just a handful of simple ingredients.

You only need some fresh eggs, Bam dates, and butter to make this dish. Melt the butter in a pan, fry the dates until soft and slightly caramelised, and then crack the eggs on top. Let them cook until the whites are set, but the yolks are still runny, creating a luscious, creamy texture perfect for dipping bread.

This recipe is a great way to start your day or as a quick and satisfying meal anytime. And with its nostalgic and comforting flavours, it’s sure to become a favourite in your home, just like mine.

Fried eggs with bam dates

Basic Ingredients for Fried Eggs with Bam Dates

Bam Dates: These are a unique variety of dates from the Bam region; they add a sweet and chewy texture that perfectly complements the richness of the eggs. When cooked, they become slightly caramelised and add a depth of flavour that elevates the entire recipe.

Egg: This is the star of the dish. When cooked just right, the yolks become creamy and indulgent, while the whites provide a soft and delicate texture. Eggs are also an excellent source of protein, making this dish a great option for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner.

Cinnamon: Adds warmth and spice to the dish, while a dash of salt brings out the ingredients’ natural flavours and enhances the overall taste.

Butter: Used for frying the bam dates and eggs, adding a rich and savoury flavour that ties everything together. It’s important to use real butter for this recipe, as it helps to create that golden, crispy texture on the eggs and dates.

alternative ingredients

Medjool Dates: If you need help finding bam dates, Medjool dates are a great substitute. They have a similar sweet and chewy texture and can be found in most grocery stores.

Spices: You can experiment with different spices to add a unique twist to the dish. Try using nutmeg, cardamom, or allspice instead of cinnamon.

Herbs: Adding fresh herbs like thyme or rosemary to the dish can add a fragrant and earthy flavour that complements the sweetness of the dates.

Cheese: Top the fried eggs with crumbled feta or goat cheese for a creamy and tangy flavour.

Bread: Serve the fried eggs and dates on top of toasted sourdough or crusty bread for a heartier meal.

Serving Tips for Fried Eggs with Bam Dates

  • Warm pita bread is a great option to serve on the side with fried eggs and dates. The bread can be used to scoop up the eggs and dates, or can be used to make a simple sandwich.
  • A simple bed of steamed rice pairs well with the richness of the fried eggs and the sweetness of the dates. The rice helps to absorb the flavorful yolk and softened dates, creating a delicious and satisfying combination.

Fried Eggs with Bam Dates

Servings: 2 people
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes


  • cup pitted bam dates
  • 3 eggs
  • pinch cinnamon
  • salt
  • 2 tbsp butter


  • In a non-stick pan, add butter and sauté bam dates, with a pinch of cinnamon, until it softens.  Crack eggs over the dates and scramble together.
  • Serve with Iranian bread.

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