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How to Brine a Turkey

Brining a turkey is a crucial step in preparing a delectable, moist, and flavourful Thanksgiving or festive meal. The process involves submerging the turkey in a seasoned brine solution, typically a mixture of water, salt, sugar, aromatics, and herbs. This brine recipe elevates the traditional method by incorporating natural ingredients like celery, orange and grapefruit slices, sage, thyme, cinnamon, black pepper, and bay leaves. Each of these components contributes to the overall flavour profile, infusing the turkey with a unique and aromatic taste.

There are multiple benefits to brining your turkey. Firstly, the salt in the brine helps to tenderise the meat by breaking down its protein structures. This results in a turkey that’s not only tender but also retains more moisture during cooking, ensuring a juicy end product. Secondly, the sugar and other aromatics add depth and complexity to the flavour, permeating the meat with subtle hints of the herbs and fruits included in the brine. The process also helps the turkey cook more evenly, reducing any dry or tough patches risk.

An important note for those new to brining: the meat may retain a pinkish hue even after being fully cooked, a common characteristic of brined poultry. By following this recipe and allowing the turkey to marinate in the brine for 24–48 hours in the refrigerator, you can expect a remarkably flavourful and succulently moist turkey that is sure to be the centrepiece of any festive meal.

Basic Ingredients to Brine a Turkey


Sugar: Sugar in the brine helps balance the saltiness, adding a slight sweetness that enhances the turkey’s natural flavour. It also aids in browning the skin during roasting.

Salt: The primary agent in brining, salt, works to tenderise the meat by breaking down its proteins. This process helps the turkey retain moisture, ensuring a juicy result.

Water: Water is the base of the brine, acting as a medium for the salt and sugar to dissolve and allowing the flavours of the added ingredients to infuse into the turkey.

Celery Stalks: Celery adds a subtle, earthy flavour to the brine, which complements the natural taste of the turkey.

Orange and Grapefruit Slices: Citrus fruits like orange and grapefruit contribute a tangy sweetness and freshness, enhancing the overall flavour profile.

Sage and Thyme: These herbs add a classic, aromatic depth, infusing the turkey with traditional Thanksgiving and holiday flavours.

Cinnamon Stick: Cinnamon introduces a warm, sweet-spicy note, adding complexity to the brine.

Whole Black Pepper: Black pepper adds a slight heat and pungency, balancing the sweetness of the other ingredients.

Bay Leaves: These leaves contribute a floral and slightly minty essence, rounding out the flavours.

alternative ingredients

Brown Sugar or Honey: For a different type of sweetness.

Lemon or Lime Slices: As citrus alternatives to orange and grapefruit.

Rosemary or Parsley: As alternative or additional herbs.

Apple Cider: Partly substituting water for these can add a fruity acidity.

Garlic Cloves or Onion Slices: For a more savoury flavour profile.

Star Anise or Cloves: For a more intense and slightly exotic spice note.

Preparation Tips to Brine a Turkey

  • Dissolving Salt and Sugar: Ensure that the salt and sugar are fully dissolved in the water before adding other ingredients.
  • Turkey Size and Brine Quantity: Adjust the amount of brine based on the size of your turkey. The turkey should be fully submerged.
  • Temperature Control: Keep the brining turkey refrigerated or in a cool environment to prevent bacterial growth.
  • Rinsing: Before cooking, rinse the turkey under cold water to remove excess salt from the surface.

storage tips

Refrigeration: Store leftover turkey in the refrigerator within two hours of cooking.

Freezing: You can freeze cooked turkey for longer storage. Slice and freeze in airtight containers or freezer bags.

Brine Disposal: Discard the brine after use; it should not be reused for food safety reasons.

How to Brine a Turkey

Brining a turkey is one of the best ways to add moisture and flavour to your bird before cooking. The following measurements are for every litre of water used. You need to add enough water to submerge the whole turkey. Adjust the measurements based on the amount of water used.


  • 4 tbsp sugar , (per litre of water)
  • 4 tbsp salt, (per litre of water)
  • water
  • 2 celery stalks
  • 1 orange , sliced
  • 1 grapefruit, sliced
  • 1 stem thyme
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1 tbsp whole black pepper
  • 4 bay leaves


  • Add all the ingredients to the water, and submerge the turkey in this mixture. The fruits and herbs give a wonderful aromatic flavour to the bird. Refrigerate the turkey for 24–48hours.
  • Note that it is common for brined meat to look pink when cooked.

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